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Some Cacti do flower

Just like some cacti do flower, it will be a long and probably interesting journey until we reach the magic number of 30 expressions of interest for Casino Hackathon.

27 to go and lots more room for expressions of interest!

If Casino Hackathon gets you excited, then please do share that love and express your interest here:

Let the Cacti bloom and the pace at which we can get this event organised quicken!

Hackathon Queen


Casino Hackathon a celebratory event!

We know that you are excited about the prospect of attending a hackathon at a super cool Casino in the heart of London!

So don’t be shy in coming forward to express your interest.

We encourage you to take this step and feel empowered, even celebratory at the part you are playing in making an awesome games hackathon happen. 🙂

Show us you’re interested here: Express your interest here:

Read all about it!

The ycitesee Press Pack is now ready for your reading pleasure.

Download it from the eventpage:

Still time to sign up for the ycitesee hackathon & design jam.

We Salute You!

Those brave and courageous few that have dared to roll the dice first. 🙂

28 more to go!

Will you be next?

Thank you!

Hackathon Queen

Help us make Casino Hackathon happen!

We only need 30 expressions of interest to make Casino Hackathon happen.

Will you be the first to roll the dice?

Express your interest here:

Hackathon Queen

Casino Hackathon & Learn to Play Days

We want to run a gaming hackathon at a London Casino! Help us do that by expressing an interest in attending.
Express an interest here:

We will let you know as soon as we have confirmed the event details.

Hackathon Queen