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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Jackpot! The Big Six is here aka Casino Hackathon

We thank you for the support and belief in this awesome concept!

Now get your early bird tickets here:

We are super excited about this Casino Games hack & we know we are going to have a lot of fun!

Hackathon Queen


We have now named the Casino Hackathon, after a Casino Game. Look it up if you are curious! 🙂

We are drawing ever closer to being able to release our events and ticket page. Keep following for further news on the ticket sales for what will be one of the most fun games hacks of the year!

Thank you for your support. Get in touch for more infomation @ ycitesee@gmail.

Luck be a Lady (Casino Hackathon Update)

We are really excited to let you know that we have been working really hard to make Casino Hackathon happen. Thanks to your support we can now report that we are close to releasing a date for tickets in the next few weeks.

We are inviting our key supporters to a special sneak preview event!

Watch this space for more information.

8 Hours & 30 Mins of travel hack magic!

Here is how it went down it all it’s full glory. We had fun!

Until next time, we look forward to the next travel hack with Pearson. Stay tuned!

Check out our links:

IW in the beginning - pre - hack

Inagural Hackathon Queen Hackathon - ycitesee hackathon & design jam

We are pleased to say we threw our 1st hackaton on 10th August at Innovation and it was travelastic!

We think a good time was had by all and we have learnt a lot from the experience and will only get better!

We will be posting a further blog this week to let you know how we got on in detail.

Coming Soon – ycitesee hackathon & design jam full event down load and awesomeness!

Believe in gaming & Casino Hackathon

We saw this graffiti on our travels. We believe that our gaming hackathon will come to come being with your support and we know you want this to happen too!

Play UP, Play UP & Play THE GAME!

Show your support for Casino Hackathon:

Hackathon Queen