We are seeing stars! (Insanity Hackathon - Juding update)

We are super excited about the Insanity Hackathon juding panel with have lined up for you!

We wanted to let you know that this hackthon is about working on dormant projects and ideas that you were not quite sure about. Or prehaps you want to revive that niche project you thought would never work! We know that hack days are great because you get to meet new people, get different perspectives on problem solving and you get to demo your awesome work. Whether you have created the beginnings of a viable buisness idea or not we will celebrate your effort and ensure you have fun.

We can now reveal we have the following awesome judges lined up for you:

Steve Karmeinsky – CoFounder City Meets Tech and Lean Capital Ltd
Ralph Stenzel – CTO and Co-Founder Dreamstake
Louis Sayers – Growth Hacker, Founding member at Driftrock

Sign up for tickets now. This is a hack day not to be missed!