Creative and innovative hackathons!

Casino Hackathon – Vision

The Casino Hackathon concept allows any themed gaming or generic hackathon to be run in a Casino setting. Utilising the setting of the Casino to allow attendees to learn to play a Casino Game as well to be inspired to create great games!  Done with the flair and creativity of the Hackathon Queen events! 🙂

Casino Hackathon – Community Hackathons

We know that the Casino Hackathon concept can be applied to specific communities of developers or themes. So if you have a group and you would like to do a Casino Hackathon, please do get in touch!

Casino Hackathon – Coporates (Away Day/Days)

If you are any kind of business that has a large contingent of developers and you would like to give your people a really awesome away day day, why not get in touch and find out about our corporate events. We will help you plan, organise and hold an awesome Hackathon Away Day or Days. Show your developers some corporate love and send them on an corporate event like no other!

Hackathon Queen aka Ekua

Contact us for further information:


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