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The Big Six - Casino Hackathon - Speed Hackathon!

The first Casino Hackathon, The Big Six took place at GC London (Russell Square) with a set of pinoneering attendees.

We took the programme of a full day hack and condesed it down into just over 4 hours of Casino Games hacking with fun extra’s! We know all that attended had a great time, not only did we produce an awesome Retro Slots Casino Game, we also enjoyed great food and learnt how to play Casino Games.

We also reflected on the possiblities for innovation in the Casino Games space and had a good discussion with our judges Peter Blower and Raf Keustermans. We would like to say a huge thank you to our Judges, attendees and Grovensor G Casino Russell Square for hosting us.

Here are the links to our awesome Casino Hackathon:

We hope to see you there next time!


Believe in gaming & Casino Hackathon

We saw this graffiti on our travels. We believe that our gaming hackathon will come to come being with your support and we know you want this to happen too!

Play UP, Play UP & Play THE GAME!

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Some Cacti do flower

Just like some cacti do flower, it will be a long and probably interesting journey until we reach the magic number of 30 expressions of interest for Casino Hackathon.

27 to go and lots more room for expressions of interest!

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