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A Hackathon for your ideas - The Insanity Hackathon

I knew that a hackathon where your ideas were the focus could not go wrong and I was right. We had a diverse range of hackers, and even an international flavour too. You worked on and presented an awesome range of projects.

A good time was had by all, we eat well, we worked together and shared knowlege, tried new stuff out and did awesome demos. We awarded top prizes to our top two hacks as decided by our judging panel.

We thank all of you that attended, our venue Innovation Warehouse and our partner Uber for giving all attendees a discount for their next car ride.

Check out the awesome day where your ideas shone. Remeber what you did! Join us next time. 🙂

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Insanity Hackathon Welcome

Keep on hacking & let the innovation continue in the New Year!

Happy Holidays. 🙂


Startup Cat joins the Insanity Hackathon!

The Innovation Warehouse Cat might be found around the space on the day. Please do get in touch and let us know if you have cat allergies!

We look forward to an fun, inspirational and relaxed hack day where all ideas are powerful.

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8 Hours & 30 Mins of travel hack magic!

Here is how it went down it all it’s full glory. We had fun!

Until next time, we look forward to the next travel hack with Pearson. Stay tuned!

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IW in the beginning - pre - hack